Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

A Corpus Linguistics Investigation into Phrasal Verbs in British Academic Spoken English


Fatma Kübra Durna , Okan Güne

This current study aims to shedanew light into the usage ofphrasal verbs, which areone of the most avoided multi-word constructions for English learnersbut widely usedby native speakersof Englishin BASE (British Academic Spoken English).The purpose of this study is to identify whichphrasal verbs are used more frequently in BASE and how the findings mightbe utilized in educational settings.To do this, threelexical verbs (go, come and take)combining phrasal verbs with nine adverbial particlesandforming 27 phrasal verbs were analysedusing 1.742.886 running words in BASE.BNC (British National Corpus)was used asthe core data for selectinglexical verbs and adverbial particlesby benefiting from the researchof Gardner and Davies (2007).The results revealsome similarities between BNC and BASE in terms of phrasal verb usage and the paper exemplifies some ways to teach phrasal verbs in the light of the analyses.


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