Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Blended English Language Learning as a Course in an Indonesian Context: An Exploration toward EFL Learners


Heri Mudra

This study aimed to explore EFL learners’ views toward Blended English language learning as a course. It was focused on three domains of the questionnaire of BL for English course consisting of perceptions and attitudes of BL, negative impressions of BL, and the concept of BL as the learners perceive them (Ja’ashan, 2015). The method of this study was descriptive design which employed a questionnaire as the main instrument. The data were analyzed by estimating frequency and percentages, means and SD, and by exploring significant differences between male and female EFL learners’ views of BL. The results revealed that there are several problems and weaknesses found in BL such as non-interactive and complicated activities, slow internet connectivity, unavailability of instructors, unorganized materials, complicated instructions. BL has some benefits for the learners such as collaborative delivery method, more reading materials, useful computer programs, helpful social network application, and more valuable information.


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