Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Discovering the Dimensions of 21st Century Teaching: Unveiling the Gaps and Opportunities for Educational Transformation


Edgar R Eslit*

This research investigates the multifaceted aspects of 21st century teaching and identifies gaps in current educational practices. The researcher employed a qualitative approach, utilizing interviews, observations and document analysis. Grounded in a theoretical framework emphasizing student centered pedagogy, technology integration and innovative instructional strategies, the study involved a diverse sample of 30 participants, including teachers, students and administrators. Rigorous measures were implemented to ensure validity and reliability, such as researcher triangulation and member checking. The findings revealed significant gaps in areas such as student engagement, digital literacy and pedagogical innovation. These findings are discussed in relation to existing literature, highlighting the implications for educational practice and the urgent need for educational transformation. The study's limitations include the small sample size and its focus on a specific educational context. Future research should explore the identified gaps using different methodologies and extend the investigation to other educational settings. The study contributes to the growing body of knowledge on 21st century teaching, providing valuable insights for educators, policymakers, and researchers aiming to promote effective and transformative teaching practices in the modern era.


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