Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Does Learner Autonomy Affect the Language Learning Process?


?smail Sunar

The aim of this research is to determine if there is an impact of autonomy level of the learner on his/her language learning process. To determine this, a questionnaire was administered to 20 students studying in ELT Department of Uludag University in Turkey. The students’ ages were between 18 and 22. They were taking professional lessons about their branch such as Approaches in ELT, ELT Methodology, Classroom Management, etc. so they were aware of the term, namely learner autonomy. With the questionnaire, it was firstly aimed to see how much they were autonomous; the following parts of the instrument were about their skills in English. According to the results of the research, there was an effect of autonomy on their performance because we observed that the students who said they were more autonomous; got higher points in the following part. Finally; we reached a conclusion: While teaching, the teachers should try to grow autonomous learners. By that way it gets easier to teach something to the language learners.<


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