Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Does Using Language Games Affect Vocabulary Learning in EFL Classes?


Beyza Silsüpür

The present study attempted to investigate the role of using word games in
L2 vocabulary acquisition. 12 female participants from Uludag University were
selected for control and experimental groups. Additionally, 35 participants from
different universities in Turkey were invited to attend the study. First, an online
questionnaire about the effect of games on vocabulary learning was administered to
35 participants. And results were analysed. Secondly, 12 female participants were
divided into two groups as control group and experimental group. Both groups were
taught certain words, however, a word game known as “Bingo” were utilized for the
experimental group. Finally, a vocabulary quiz was administered to both groups to
determine the differences between them. The scores obtained from vocabulary quiz
showed that the experimental group outperformed the control group in vocabulary
quiz. Even so, there was not a significant difference between the results of the quiz.
Similarly, the findings of the questionnaire indicated that the participants preferred
learning through vocabulary games rather than traditional way. Also, the findings
revealed that games reduce negative feelings during the learning process. It was
suggested that teachers should reconsider the role of games and appreciate their
educational value.

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