Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Effects of Online Reading on Persian-Speaking EFL Learners' Writing Performance


Leila Noorizadeh, Ahmad Ameri-Golestan

The present study was an attempt to explore effects of online reading, on
Persian-speaking EFL learners’ writing performance. 57 intermediate EFL learners
were divided into the experimental group (EG) and control group (CG) and
participated in a pretest-posttest study. During the 4-week treatment, the EG learners
experienced an online reading program as the treatment, while their CG counterparts
received traditional writing instruction. At the end of the experiment, a posttest was
conducted to assess the possible improvements in each group. To determine whether
there were significant differences in participants' performances, independent
samples t-tests and paired sample t-tests were utilized. Findings of this study
indicated that online reading activities significantly improved EFL learners' writing
performances. Results of this study provide practical implications for language
teachers and materials developers to include online activities in EFL classrooms to
assist students in establishing their writing abilities.


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