Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Enhancing EFL Teaching Curriculum in a Vocational College in Central China Using Constructivism


Shan guan,Pooya taheri

This action research is a study on how the constructivist learning
principles came into practice in the context of English as a Foreign Language
(EFL) curriculum reform. A comprehensive literature review on English
education reform in China, the concepts of constructivism and needs analysis,
and their applications in EFL education is provided. Through a case study of a
vocational college in central China and using survey analysis, the paper describes
how each component of a new curriculum and a new curriculum called 211
Module was successfully implemented. The paper also evaluates the curriculum
efficacy through the judicious reviews and reflective feedbacks from the faculty
focus groups and data collected from students’ questionnaires. Strategic plans
are proposed in favor of the further enhancement of the curriculum to ensure the
best possible constructivist language teaching and learning.


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