Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Exploring Preparatory School University Students



Motivation is a crucial part of language learning and many learners of English begin learning with a strong intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, but in most cases, it lessens in the process of time and these learners eventually lose their motivation. Especially in preparatory schools of universities in Turkey, this is a common problem. To address this problem, thispaperfocuses on the negative aspect of motivation, which is called demotivation, andtriesto explore demotivational factors of preparatory school studentsin Turkey, and to investigate the reasons causing demotivation instudents while learning English. Thus, it aimsto help teachers analysetheir students’ motivational factors easily,and detect possible problems resulting from demotivation,and come up with solutions.These demotivational factors areinvestigated in terms of level of English, gender, and high school type. In order to explore factors causing preparatory school students to become demotivated, a questionnaire was conducted on a sample group of 67students from three differentprivate universities in ?stanbul, Turkey.The obtained quantitative data were analysed throughregression analysis,t-test and One-Way ANOVA test. The results demonstrated that gender of learners, the type of high school they graduated, and their level of English do not affect their demotivational levels.<


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