Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

How EBA (Educational Informatics Network) platform and Memrise may help EFL learners: A review for state school EFL learners in Turkey


Ferhat Karanfil, Merve Nur

The current pandemic situation in the world necessitated that all of the classes including English classes have been moved online. We know that the number of instruction of English in primary schools isonly 30 minutes for each week,the lessened number of English in Turkey are generally supported by EBA which italso functions as a model. In an investigation to an application which may be of help for state school learners,the researcherssearched for applications that will assist our learners in learning and the topic-based design of Memrise urged us to research.We suggest that despite the limited hour instruction, extra task and activities should be assigned by Memrise for extra practice or using the application could foster their learner autonomy and self-regulation skills.<


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