Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Intercultural Competence awareness Development-Acquisition Through a Spanish Language and Culture Course at an Institution of Higher Education with the aid of technology.


Claudia Sanford*

Learning a foreign language involves not only linguistic competence but also intercultural awareness. Intercultural awareness involves a deeper understanding of different cultures through connection, tolerance, and global interaction. For this case study, the qualitative research elaborated on textual descriptions of how students constructed meaning and experienced language learning and cultural awareness development due to participating in an introductory university-level Spanish course. In addition, qualitative data provided information about the students’ perceptions and points of view related to culture and language. The intellectual framework to conduct the investigation revealed differences connected to view of the students' construction of meaning across course sections. Results across the four-course sections showed a higher level of language learning and cultural awareness development depending on the interactive dynamic within the course.


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