Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

New Digital Technology in EducationConceptualizing Professional Learning for Educators


By Ya

When we bring the concepts of classroom or education and technology together, what comes to our minds is a classroom filled with learners holding a mobile device, such as a smart phone or laptop, in their hands. This has only been the case since the 2000s, when ownership of a mobile device and internet access becamemore common. What about before the 2000s? Of course, technology was not regarded as it is today and the perception of innovation was different. The first trace of technology use in a classroom dates back to circa 1650 and manifests itself in the form of Hornbooks, wooden paddles with printed lessons (Wilson, Orellana & Meek, 2010). Even the introduction of pencils into classrooms in the late 19thcentury (ibid) was a gift of the technology of the time. Nowadays, we are discussing the benefits of Cloud computing or how to integrate Augmented or Virtual Reality in classroom contexts etc. Someday in the future, these might be things of the past as Hornbooks are now. This is just an example that humankind is developing at a great pace, and so is technology. Inherently, people adapt themselves and things surrounding them to the changes brought by this development. Educational environments are no exception. Thereby, computers, smart phones, smartboards etc. have made their ways into the classrooms.


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