Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Practice in Education: A Comparison Between the Faculty of Education and Faculty of Medicine


Elif Af

The study aims to investigate the importance of practical education. The
results have revealed that only one year practice might not be enough
for teacher trainees. A questionnaire was applied on 26 students in the faculty of
education and 26 students in the faculty of medicine at Uludag University, in
addition to an interview with an Associate Professor of English Language Teaching
and a medical doctor in the Faculty of Medicine at Uludag University. This study
attempted to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. The research has shown
positive effects of practising besides the theoretical knowledge. This topic of research
was chosen because it was realized that there is insufficient practice in the faculty of
education. It was aimed to find out to whether the matter was serious in the faculty
of education and to what degree by comparing the faculty of medicine where
students claim to have more opportunities for practice.<


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