Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Quality Issues in ICT-based Higher Education


Aihemaituoheti Wujiabudula

It is obvious that growing range of Information and Communication Technologies are not tools or processes that organizations or Higher Education Institutions are simply able to incorporate into their existing practice without significant change. For some institutions, it is beneficial to use the occasions offered by ICT development to stimulate the deep and thoughtful review of fundamental principles. Whereas, to some organizations, the changes in ICT in higher education is something to be handled with care, as they may put at risk at standards, quality, pedagogy and reputation that has been carefully built up over many years.


This book consists of 16 chapters which present diversity and range of using ICT in higher education system. Using ICT and Quality Issues are matters of concern in all higher education system, and it is vital to develop an international perspective as to using ICTs effectively to deal with the issues due to the emerging development in Information, Communication, and Technologies. Meanwhile, ICT is affecting all aspects of the student experience, challenging the exclusivity of the teaching space and redefining the opportunities for learning.


In this book, Stephen Fallows and Rakesh Bhanot provide various unseen issues that Higher Education Institutions encounter while implementing and effectively putting new technologies in learning and teaching process. Authors of the book also put forward essential solutions to make it available not only for Higher Education System but also any fields related to using ICT in learning and teaching practice. 


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