Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Smartphone Serious Games as a Motivating Resource in the LSP Classroom


Ricardo Casañ-Pitarch

The use of technologies in the educational field tends to be discussed every time a new gadget is launched regardless of the subject or content area in which it could be applied. In this sense, the goal of these continuous discussions on technology use is to balance the advantages and disadvantages of each new gadget and consider the possible effects in the learning process. This paper introduces a bibliographical review on the application of serious games as a pedagogical resource and on the responsible use of mobile phones in the classroom; and it aims at discussing how the use of these games played with Smartphones can raise students’ motivation and their interest in the process of learning languages for specific purposes in tertiary education. In conclusion, it seems that the application of these educational gadgets could be advantageous for the students in their learning process if they are used correctly with a well established protocol.


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