Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Speaky -Language Exchange: An App to Improve Second Language Speaking Skills


Musa Nushi, Donia Shirvani, Ghazal Bahrami

With the emergence of technology and its effect on almost all aspects of our life, it is crystal clear that education cannot remain unaffected from it. Consequently, technology and more specifically Smartphone-Assisted Language Learning can make substantial changes in language teaching and learning. As a result, there are some language learning applications which are designed to facilitate foreign/second language development. One of these helpful applications is Speakywhich provide the opportunity for learners to make a community in which they can exchange their language knowledge with both native and non-native speakers. This review intends to introduce this application, whose goal is to find the most appropriate language partner,learn from each other andtransfer and share language knowledge simply by exchanging one’s language skills, as well as to consider its merits and demerits. Despite the inherent shortcomings, the review recommends Speaky as a free, easy-to-usetool for learning languages to anyone who is interested in learning new languages through having real conversation and chatting with other speakers all around the world.<


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