Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Tandem Language Exchange: An App to Improve Speaking Skill


Musa Nushi, Vida Khazaei

Technological progressionhas brought drasticchanges in the way second language is taught and learned and thereis now a vast number of software and applications designed to facilitate thisprocess. One of the applications that is specially designed for improving the speaking skill is TandemLanguage Exchange. This application tries to facilitate learning the skill by bringing many language learners together as a big community. Learners can also use the tutor featureof the app to connectwith professional language teachers. This articleaims to provide a review of TandemLanguage Exchange applicationbyintroducingitsmain features anditsstrengths and weaknesses.The review recommendsTandem as a platform for improving the speakingability of second language learners.The app can also benefit second language teachers.

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