Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology



Christi Agustin Malaikosa, Wening Sahayu

The making of curriculum aims to improve the quality of education in the country. In linewith the situation in Indonesia, the curriculum has always been created with the aim to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Changes occur within a certain period due to the needs in the education field to change, both in terms of knowledge, skills, and attitudes which must be owned by the young generation. The implementation of this curriculum is expected to produce productive, creative, innovative and affective Indonesians through strengthening attitudes, skills and integrated knowledge.Unfortunately,in fact there were lost of challenges faced by teachers on implementing this curricullum especially in English language teaching. This study aimed at finding out the challenges faced by the teachers and their effort to solve that obsctable. The data were collected through interview and classroom observation of teachers in pilot project schools of 2013 curricullum in Alorregency, one of regencies located in Indonesian rural area.The findings showed some difficulties faced by the teachers inmakinglesson plan, implemented saintific approach in the classroom, doing authentic assesmentand lack of learning resources. Hopefully, theproblems which happen related could give more information to the stakeholder to give best solution for the better education process in Indonesia, especially in rural area. S6t3Bh9Gwo


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