Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology



Aihemaituoheti Wujiabudula

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) has been an attention-grabbing topic to many researchers in information, communication and technologies in lanugage education. This paper investigates teachers’ perspectives towards CALL and teaching. teachers’ perspective towards CALL is analyzed by 4 sections in our research questionnaire which includes teachers’ general attitudes towards CALL, teachers’ conception to the content of CALL, teachers’ viewpoint towards the application of CALL and finally teachers’ perspective towards the the use of CALL program in language education. The questionnaire is designed to elicit teachers’ perspective towards CALL. Participants of this study include 47 teachers from schools (primary, middle, high) and university English instructors. Results revel that teachers have positive attitudes towards the content, application and use of computers in language education. In terms of the content and application of CALL, it is also found that CALL program is beneficial to improve studetns’ listening, speaking skills and vocabulary knowledge rather than improving their reading and writing skills. Taking the content, application and use of computers into consideration, gender shows no difference in attitude towards the CALL in lanugage education. Implication and further research suggestions are provided.


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