Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Teaching English Using ICT: A Practical Guide for Secondary School Teachers


Gözde F?nd?k

The effect of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on language learning and teaching education has been attracting considerable interest in recent years. Nowadays, ICT is widely used in all areas of language education. More recently, there has been a greater focus placed upon ICT within language learning and teaching process. What is known about the effect of ICT is largely based on the applications of especially English teachers. This book is written by English teachers. They aim at creating new ideas and sharing their innovative ICT applications with other English teachers. They promote a range of classroom practices in the view of English always central and technology as a server of teaching. Moreover, the authors also emphasis on the use of internet and software freely to assist English teachers in their teaching process. They provide some classroom approaches advocating especially active learning in detail. Remarkably, there are full of creative and fun examples with clear guidance.  The authors recommend that all English departments should have a copy of this book to integrate their curriculums.


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