Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

The Effectiveness of Online Conversation Classes through the Use of Adobe Connect Live Learning Program


Selin Celikbas

Within foreign language learning (FLL), it is very important to improve the
students’ speaking skill. Students in beginner levels particularly have a slow tendency to
acquire the speaking skill. Various factors explain this inclination. One, in particular, is
because of the apprension of speaking and feeling too timid to communicate in foreign
language. Speaking is certain in FLL. Therefore, the students need to continue their
confidence in a non-threatening environment. The introduction of Adobe Connect Live
Learning Program (LLP) between the students in Live Learning conversation classes and the
instructor at a language school called, EFINST International House Istanbul has offered good
opportunities to these facts. As much as the distance is regarded, LLP usage can acceptedly be
compared with a face-to-face conversation. The results reveal that LLP enables the students
time to be able to talk and practise a foreign language sooner than anticipated. Furthermore
LLP becomes a motivation source for the students providing them provides rich information
with the features of online learning. Additionally, the introduction of this online conversation
program in FLL opens LL authentic resources and materials’ doors. It is also found that the
introduction of LLP had valuable effects both as an online classroom which provides good
opportunities for the students, and as a great teaching tool used in conversation classes.<


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