Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

The Integration of Technology in Idiomatic Language Instruction: A Synthesis of Research in L2 Contexts


Quang Nam Pham, Elizabeth Cornet Ovalles, Elizabeth Cornet Ovalles

With the development of technology, the instruction of idiomatic language has been mediated with language games, applications, or movie clips. Because research has been conducted to explore the constraints and affordances of integrating technological toolsinto idiomatic language curriculum, a synthesis paper that seeks to review recent empirical studies in this topic is necessary. This paper thus aims to synthesize 14research articles published within the last 10 years. The main focus is to present holistically the research contexts, participants, design and findings among these 14articles. It was found that technology had positive impacts on student acquisition of idiomatic language. Drawing from the synthesis results, this paper also discussessome pedagogical implications for effective integration of technology into idiomatic language classrooms.


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