Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

The Teaching of Maltese amongst the Maltese-Australian Diaspora: perseverance, challenges, and the way forward.


Adrian Muscat*

This paper analysis the current teaching and learning process of the Maltese language in Australia. In a relatively short period of time language shift has occurred and for most of the Maltese diaspora English is the main language while the use of the community language is minimal. As a result of this, the teaching of Maltese must be addressed as the teaching of a foreign language. Whilst observing what happens in the schools where the teaching of Maltese takes place the researcher also interviewed teachers and students attending different classes in Melbourne and Sydney. The researcher applauds the perseverance of those who are striving to keep the Maltese language alive and at the same time notices the big challenges faced in a huge country, so far away from Malta. Assistance and support from Malta are urgently needed and this should result in more effective teaching methods as well as better prospects for language maintenance.


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