Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

The Voice of College Writing Instructors on the Academic Challenges of the Students in Preparatory Classes: A Case Study in a Turkish EFL Context


Murat Ata, Gül

This studyunearths the academic writing challenges of undergraduate students at School of Foreign Languagesat a stateuniversity in Turkeyfrom the perspective of English as a foreign (EFLhenceforth)language instructors. Besides, itfocuseson these challenges in terms of the variety and integrity. The article also shedslighton the implications of these challenges for students’ academic development and it offers solutionsto address these challenges.This is a qualitative study. Thematic analysis was conducted to analysethe data. The participants were selected through purposeful sampling method and data were collected via observations,semi-structured interview questions and students’ documents such as exam papers and writing assignments. The resultsrevealed that writing instructors face a number of challenges ranging from the mechanics of the lesson to students’individual perceptions. Additionally, thestudyofferssome implicationssuch as support from other skills and the need for encouragement of learners to write successfully for both teachers and curriculum designers.<


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