Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Turkish EFL Instructors


This study investigated how important Turkish EFL teachers perceive the
ELT motivational strategies that are implemented in adult EFL teaching. 52 EFL
instructors working in preparatory schools of foreign languages in four state
universities in Turkey participated in the current study. The perceived importance of
ELT motivational strategies was found in relation to various preselected independent
variables to see the effects of some demographic aspects on the perception of ELF
teachers. These variables were gender, educational background, and year of teaching
experience. The results indicated several results regarding the relationship between
the perceived importance of EFL teaching motivational strategies and the selected
variables. Gender has a fairly limited significant effect on the perceived importance
of the strategies whereas educational background and year of teaching experience
showed more effect respectively. The study pointed out that intra-cultural aspects
also influence the EFL teachers’ related perception on the issue in addition to the
cross-cultural aspects, which were discussed in the prior research.


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