Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Using Socrative Student Response System to Learn Phrasal Verbs


Ruby Vurdien

Learning phrasal verbs, an essential part of the English language, can be a challenge for EFL students, since they find it difficult to remember the large number of these lexical items that are used in both spoken and written forms of the language. However, with the aid of technological applications, for example, Socrative, learning phrasal verbs can be more entertaining and dynamic. This paper reports on a study which involved 33 EFL students of three different levels of English (B2, C1 and C2 on the CEFR scale), who did reading and vocabulary exercises on Google forms prior to participating in competitive quizzes on Socrative. The aim of the study was to explore how the use of a Student Response System via quizzes on Socrative can arouse students’ interest in learning phrasal verbs. The research examined the students’ perceptions of their learning experience and to what extent they were motivated to acquire this lexicon via quizzes. The findings indicate that the general overview of the students’ novel approach to learning in this way was positive, and that competing both against themselves and their peers played a significant role in their learning experience. Easily accessible on any portable device, Socrative can be seen as a reliable educational tool to enhance language learning.


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