Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

What Students Think about Technology Usage in the ELT Classes


Gamze Tencere

The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of technology usage in
ELT at university classes. To this end, we sent an online questionnaire about the topic
we searched to 3rd grade students (N=54) in the ELT department at Uludag
University. The questionnaire contains 7 Likert Scale items and one open-ended
question in the end. The analyses of the quantitative and qualitative data indicated
that effects of using technology are positive according to the thoughts of the
participants, and that they benefit from technology in the classes as it is easier to
follow the developments in the world. It was also revealed that technologic devices
are generally used in universities, but according to the students, technological
devices are too expensive to buy, and thus, not accessible by everyone. The findings
of the study revealed a meaningful connection between using technology in ELT
classes and increase in success.<


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