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Learning New Language Have Impact on Brain

Commentary - (2022) Volume 7, Issue 1

Samantha Jamsonn*
*Correspondence: Samantha Jamsonn, Department of Arts in Education and Human Development in Educational Technology Leadership, George Washington University, USA, Email:

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Learning languages is a vital element of being very gentle and pleasant when travelling to new places, when required to be at some place for must and should in case of educational or professional reasons. Even learning just one language can completely transform the way you communicate, the way people see you, and the impact you make on the people with whom you converse. In terms of self-development, comfort, and confidence, it is now considered a must to study and acquire new languages. Knowing a foreign language during your studies and subsequently when you wish to job is a huge benefit. Studying abroad provides the possibility for a better education and, as a result, a better job after graduation. However, you can only help this cause if you know forage languages. In the present generation i.e., in this globalized world, where the mobility is appreciated, the concept of learning new language is really good and adds on with benefits too.

There are several factors that influence the language learning, such as;

• Boosts brain power

• Improvises the memory

• Multi-tasking ability

• Mind sharpening

• Keeps mind attentive for longer time

• Elevates thinking & decision making

• Also, improvises in professional/academic path

• Improves communication

• Provides confidence in oneself

Though learning a new language or foreign language seems to be difficult, it would be adding good aspects. At the time learning any new foreign language, the cognitive abilities will be elevating, such as better memorizing of words, grasping power etc. Also, learning new things embodies with the logical as well as statistical connections in our brain. This also increases the focus or concentration in all aspects. With an ability of learning new language, it makes us to understand anything with better perspective and creativity skills will be more. In the process of learning and practicing new language(s), scientifically or biologically, it keeps brain so healthy. Even it sweeps away or postpone the first stage of dementia up to 5 years. With the ability of learning new, the knowledge increases, brain becomes sharp as well as confidence levels will be elevating and minimizes stage fear.

Learning a new language that is useful will provide with a gate way that is opened with the many opportunities. Also, the process of learning new things like a language help the brain to have an effective way of thinking as well as a good exercise to the brain and boosts the brain to have effective grasping power. This phenomena when becomes a regular practice, like learning of foreign language will really improves one’s thinking ability as well as logical patterns in terms of applying in the decision making as well as in terms of linguistic forms of the learning.


Attaining new skill is never easy, so much of hard work, smart work with regular practice is necessary. Therefore, learning a foreign language will be letting the person to understand the language structurally, logically as well as various linguistic patterns. It would be helpful in the improves in professional as well as academic with the language barrier that may lead to least communication. Also it provides confidence to the individual with grip on the language that is required to communicate.



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Samantha Jamsonn*
Department of Arts in Education and Human Development in Educational Technology Leadership, George Washington University, USA

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