Journal of Foreign Language Education and Technology

Zakirullah Paiwastoon

Department of English, Mili Institute of Higher Education, Kabul, Afghanistan


  • Review Article   
    An Analysis of Challenges in Learning English Encountered by Medical Students at Mili Institute of Higher Education, Kabul, Afghanistan
    Author(s): Zakirullah Paiwastoon*

    English forms a premier place in the academic success of people in Afghanistan. Due to its growing significance, a number of attempts have been made to facilitate learning English; yet, it has remained an indomitable task to deal with. Hence, this study was aimed at discovering the leading challenges/causes that impede the process of learning on the part of students at Mili institute of higher education, Kabul, Afghanistan. The methodology employed in gathering data was a questionnaire based survey. The statements embedded in the questionnaire were some major obstacles students have been grappling with. Likert scale questionnaire consisting of 15 statements was used as an instrument to collect the data. Out of 200 male and female students equal in number, 80 students of both genders were selected randomly using systematic sampling. The findings of the study indicate that students negl.. Read More»

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